Intervention Saves Lives

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Intervention Get Addicts Into Rehab

The purpose of an intervention is to give an addicted person the opportunity to make a significant change in their life. Staging an intervention is the most effective way to get an addict to enter a rehab. You might be worried about someone who has considerably changed due to their drug and/or alcohol addiction. An intervention may be where to start out helping them. Do not be afraid of confrontation: fear must not stop you from taking action. For more than a decade, Substance Abuse Care Treatment has been offering safe, medically supervised services to anyone who is ready to take the first step toward getting clean and sober in Manchester, NH area — and an intervention is an important preliminary step. 

An intervention is a highly organized gathering that has the goal of convincing the addict to go to rehabilitation for his addiction. Individuals who care about the addict, including family members, friends, clergy members and coaches, organize to confront their loved one. They express their concerns over the addict’s drug and/or alcohol addiction and urge him to obtain treatment. Many times, the addict will be in denial about their addiction, other times they’ll be unwilling to get assistance. However, do not let this deter the goal of the intervention.