Before Rehab Comes Detox

Safe detoxification is the first step to recovery

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Why is detox so important

Before entering any drug rehabilitation, the addicted must go through detoxification. The goal of detoxification is to cleanse drugs and its toxins from the body. This is a vital part of rehabilitation treatment. Detox might be frightening for anyone who has attempted to quit using drugs or alcohol “cold turkey” or for people who have been abusing drugs for many years. Quitting abruptly is unhealthy in many circumstances and even deadly in others. Substance Abuse Care Treatment has supervised medical facilities and customized detox procedures. It uses secure and certified methods that treat each client as an individual with unique detox requirements.

While always medically supervised, the intensity of treatment during detox depends on what kinds of substances have been used and for how long. Some face painful withdrawal symptoms and detox at an inpatient treatment center. There they can be prescribed medications by a physician to help ease the pain of withdrawal. Other addicts will undergo mild to moderate withdrawal symptoms. Unlike those undergoing a tough withdrawal, these individuals aren’t secluded in private rooms. They live with others going through a similar detox. The process is monitored by nurses and counselors who provide guidance and support to clients during their cravings and withdrawal — without relying on medication.